Which LEGO® Minifigures are released for the new Frozen II movie from Disney®?

What is the story of the Disney Frozen II movie?

At the time of writing, the movie has not been released. So, what do we know?

The trailers show that something from the past is calling out to Elsa. Something that challenges her to investigate, something that will explain why she was born with magical powers, something to do with an enchanted forest that has disappeared.

But In the secret also lies a danger, and it is not sure that Elsa’s magical powers will be up to the task.

Which sets have been released for the Frozen II movie?

In October 2019, 6 new Frozen sets were released. There was also a re-issue of “Elsa’s magical ice palace”. Five of the sets contain new Frozen Minifigures. The Frozen II LEGO sets are:

  • Elsa’s Jewelry Box Creation – LEGO set 41168
  • Enchanted Treehouse – LEGO set 41164
  • Arendelle Castle Village – LEGO set 41167
  • Elsa’s Wagon Adventure – LEGO set 41166
  • Anna’s Canoe Expedition – LEGO set 41165
  • Olaf – LEGO set 41169

The LEGO company also released 2 polybags:

  • Elsa’s Winter Throne – LEGO polybag 30553
  • Olaf’s Traveling Sleigh – LEGO polybag 40361

The new LEGO Frozen II Minifigures?


Elsa has 2 new Minifigures. A very royal Looking Elsa in a glitter blue cape and a blue skirt. The other Minifigure is Elsa in a lavender dress from the throne polybag.

Elsa Minifigure - lavender dress
Elsa – Lavender dress
Elsa travel dress
Elsa travel dress


Anna Minifigure in black dress
Anna- black travel dress
Anna – white dress

Anna exists in two versions. The first is a black travel dress with a magenta cape. The other version is Anna in a royal looking white dress with a tan vest and a tan tree like pattern.


Olaf - Frozen II
Olaf – Frozen II minifigure

The new version of Olaf has a one piece body with a snow pattern and LEGO arms with a grip. The head stayed the same.


Lieutenant Matthias

Lieutenant Matthias – Sand Green Uniform


Svenn - Reindeer Frozen II
Svenn – Reindeer Frozen II

Baby reindeer

The characters seem to be older than in the first movie, which is kinda fun. To know the plot of the story, we will have to go watch the movie. Disney will release the movie in theaters on 22 November in the USA.

If more Frozen II Minifigures become available, we will off course update the list. Let us know which new Frozen II Minifigure is your favourite in the comments.

As always, if you like to see all the LEGO Disney Minifigures that we have available you can click our category link for LEGO Disney Minifigures

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