Which different versions of Rex Dangervest Minifigures exist?

Who is Rex Dangervest?

First things first. Who is Rex Dangervest? Rex Dangervest is a future version of Emmet. It is a version of Emmet that spent way too long under the washing machine while his friends have fun in the Systar System (without coming to rescue him). He becomes bitter and turns into an opposite of Emmet. He becomes cool and brave and everything that he thinks Lucy wants him to be, but he also becomes vengeful, resentful and arrogant.

When he finally escapes from under the washing machine, he builds a time machine, fills it with a velociraptor crew and goes back in time to rescue the original Emmet from crashing his ship into an asteroid field. He wants to punish his former friends for having all that fun in the Systar System (and not rescuing him). He plans to use the original Emmet to cause the Ourmamageddon and basically destroy the world. In the end this does not happen as Emmet realises that he does not want to become like Rex. This changes the timeline again. and makes Rex disappear in a genuine back-to-the-future style.

What are the available Minifigures?

In early 2019 LEGO made 5 different versions of Rex Dangervest. Although Rex Dangervest turns out to be the bad guy in the movie, the character is still likeable and the Minifigures turned out to be very good.

The first one appears in LEGO set 70835 Rex’ Rexplorer and LEGO set 70826 Rex’s Rex-treme Offroader. It has a double sided head. One side has Rex smiling. The other side has him angry showing his teeth.

Rex Dangervest – angry showing teeth

The second Rex Dangervest Minifigure is the one from the Polybag 30460 Rex’s Plantimal Ambush polybag. It has a similar outfit but a different dual sided head. This head has the typical arrogant and self-assured Rex Dangervest smile and an angry look showing less teeth on the other side.

The third Minifigure is the Rex Dangervest in his spacesuit. He leaves his ship in this costume to come to Emmet’s rescue in the asteroid field. It appears in LEGO set 70831 Emmet’s Dream House / Rescue house. It has the same head as the above Minifigure but now the figure is in a cool spacesuit. The set also contains the typical Rex hair.

Rex Dangervest Minifigure spacesuit hair and helmet
Rex Dangervest Minifigure hair front
Rex Dangervest Minifigure helmet on
Rex Dangervest Minifigure thrusters
Rex Dangervest Minifigure hair on
Rex Dangervest Minifigure back view

The fourth LEGO Minifigure is from the LEGO Movie 2 – collectable Minifigure series. It has Rex with a cool Indiana Jones like hat. It has also a dual-sided head. One side has an arrogant smile, the other side has a self-satisfied smirk. This is probably the coolest version although the first Minifigure seems to be the most popular. This is a Rex Dangervest costume that is used in the advertiser flashed in the LEGO Movie 2. If you have not seen the LEGO Movie 2 already, go see it, it is a great movie, a lot better than the first The Lego Movie.

The last version at the moment of writing is the Minifigure from the foil pack 471906 “Rex with Jetpack”. Personally I like this the best.

Rex with Jetpack

Rex with Jetpack – backside

As always every Minifigure image is clickable. At the time of writing we have everything in stock. If you want to see all LEGO Movie 2 – Minifigures we have available you can click here.

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