Which different versions of LEGO Star Wars Elite Praetorian Guards Minifigures exist?

What are Praetorian guards?

The term Praetorian guards come from the Roman army. They were an elite force that protected Roman generals and later the Roman emperors. In the time of the Roman republic when the Roman armies became more professional and Roman generals stayed longer in charge, the generals found out that they were often targeted by enemies. They reacted to this by creating an elite subdivision of the army that was used as personal bodyguard. The name Praetorian guard was used as early as 275 BC with by Roman general Scipio. It was the emproro August that perfected the Praetorian guard and during the time of the empire the Praetorian guard became so influential that they even intervened in politics and got rid of the emperor Caligula. The Praetorian guard was disbanded under the Emperor Constantin the great.

Who are the Elite Praetorian guards in the Star Wars movies?

The Elite Praetorian guard appears in “The Last Jedi” Movie in 2017. They are an elite force that protects the Supreme leader Snoke.  They resemble a bit the red Royal guards that protected emperor Palpatine in the time of the Galactic Empire. The Praetorian guard was present when Kylo Ren killed the supreme leader Snoke and the guard reacted and tried to avenge their leader by attacking Kylo Ren and Rey. After a fierce battle Kylo Ren and Rey killed all the Praetorian guards.

Which version of LEGO Praetorian guards exist?

Praetorian guards in LEGO Set 75216 Snoke’s Throne room

The first issue of the LEGO Praetorian guard appears in set 75216 “Snoke’s Throne room”

The box has 2 identical Elite Praetorian Guard Minifigures in rounded pointed helmet versions. The Minifigures have the updated robe brick with Praetorian guard pattern as feet that LEGO uses for a lot of robed Minifigures now.

The Minifigures come with a cool arsenal of weapons, they are a combination of chains, harpoon shafts and machetes they are combined with a red light sabre shaft which also appears for the first time in red in LEGO set 75216. The weapons are specially designed to come up against light sabers.

Elite Praetorian Guard – side

Elite Praetorian Guard – backside

Elite Praetorian Guard – frontside

Praetorian guards in LEGO set 75225 Elite Praetorian Guard Battle Pack

The second set that has LEGO Praetorian guards is the battle pack from 2019 LEGO set 75225. The set comes with three Elite Praetorian Guards. LEGO set 75225 also has a cool Elite Praetorian guard training droid.

The first Praetorian guard minifigure looks a lot like the previous one. It has a rounded pointed helmet but instead of a robe it has standard LEGO feet.

Elite Praetorian guard with rounded pointed helmet and legs and weapon
Elite Praetorian guard with rounded pointed helmet and legs

The other Praetorian guard minifigure comes with a flat helmet. It also has legs. This Minifigure is two times included in the set and comes with different weapons.

Elite Praetorian guard – LEGO Minifigure (flat helmet)

To learn how to fight Jedi, LEGO set 75225 has also a Praetorian guard training droid wielding a light saber.

LEGO Praetorian guard training droid

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