What different Minifigure versions of LEGO Elves Goblin King exist?

Which different Minifigure versions of the LEGO Elves Goblin King exist?

Who is the Goblin King in LEGO Elves?

The name of the Goblin King is Cronan Darkroot. He stole the throne of the kingdom of the forest from Rosalyn Nightshade by weakening her powers. He then put her subjects, the goblins of the forest under a spell using his own magical powers.

He first appears in season 1 of the secret of Elvendale. In this episode, the Goblin King wants to steal the amulet of Emily Jones to open the magical gate and become the ruler of Earth. To get close to Emily and the Elves, he pretends to be captured by the goblins so he can be rescued by Emily and the Elves. Because he is a handsome elf this appears to be working. Only Sophie is suspicious of the good looking elf.

Which are the different Minifigure versions of the Goblin King?

The first Goblin King Minifigure appears in set 41183 “The Goblin King’s Evil Dragon” in 2017. The Goblin King comes with a 2 sided colored cape and a cool staff. You can watch a Speed Build movie of set 41183 here

LEGO Elves Goblin King (from set 41183)

The second version of the Goblin King is the LEGO Elves Goblin King with amulet from set 41188 “Breakout from the Goblin King’s Fortress” also from 2017. This LEGO Minifigure is identical to the previous version except for the added amulet.

If you are into LEGO ELves Minifigures These 2 are good ones to collect as they come from expensive sets and are unlikely to have a lot of extra versions in the future.

As always you can find our available LEGO Elves Minifigures here:

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