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The LEGO ® Velociraptor is a popular dinosaur toy from the LEGO ® Jurassic World ™ series. What makes it special is its accurate representation of the Velociraptor in the movies,

which is a small but fierce predator that lived during the Late Cretaceous period. The LEGO ® Velociraptor has a unique and recognizable appearance, with its signature curved claws, long tail, and scaly skin.

Additionally, the LEGO ® Velociraptor has several unique features that make it stand out from other LEGO ® dinosaur toys. It has movable limbs and a hinged jaw that can be opened and closed, allowing for a more dynamic and realistic play experience. The LEGO ® Velociraptor also comes in several different colors and variations, allowing for more customization and collectability.

The popularity of the LEGO ® Velociraptor can also be attributed to its appearance in the Jurassic World ™ film franchise. In the movies, Velociraptors are depicted as intelligent and deadly predators, making them a fan favorite among dinosaur enthusiasts. Especially popular is the Velociraptor Blue, she is the “friend” of the main movie character Owen Grady played by Chris Pratt.

Overall, the LEGO ® Velociraptor is a highly detailed and well-designed dinosaur toy that appeals to both children and adults who are interested in dinosaurs and the Jurassic World ™ franchise. Its accuracy, playability, and collectability make it a special addition to any LEGO ® or dinosaur toy collection.