Category: Friends Minifigures

Immerse yourself in Heartlake city. This is the fun world of the five friends, Andrea, Mia, Olivia, Stephanie and Emma. Around those 5 main friends characters, LEGO® Company created a fun and exciting play world for girls. The LEGO® Friends world is packed with fashionable clothes, real world accessories and adorable animals.

LEGO introduced LEGO Friends Minifigures in 2012. Although it was sure to be a flop, according to a lot of media. The theme became and still is very popular today. 

The Minifigures are a new type of figure called "mini-doll". They look more like real people and resemble the characters from the TV-series LEGO Friends. The Mini-dolls are slightly taller and made to look more realistic. Every friend's character has a different powerful personality and all of them get into exciting adventures.

We try to keep an extensive selection of LEGO Friends Minifigures in stock for sale. We also sell the LEGO Friends Minifigures in a used condition, so we also have the older figures available. 

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