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Cole’s early life.

Cole is the Son of Lilly and Lou. His mother, Lilly, was a former elemental master of Earth, just like Cole himself. Lou, his father, is a member of a famous dance group “The Royal Blacksmith”. He always wanted Cole to follow in his footsteps. Therefore, he sent him to a dance school. Cole ran away from school. In his wanderings, he was seeking challenges in strength and ability. One day, he met Master Wu, who saw his potential, and the rest is history.

Throughout the series, Cole is shown to be a loyal and dependable friend to his fellow ninjas, often putting his own safety on the line to protect them.

Cole’s Friendships with Jay

Cole and Jay are best friends throughout the Ninjago series. In Ninjago season 3 Rebooted their friendship takes a hit when Cole has a crush on Nya. Over the following seasons their friendschap gets restored.

Cole LEGO Minifigures

At the time of writing, there are 65 Cole Minifigures to collect. The Most collectable Minifigures are Cole as a Ghost and Golden Cole with the Pearl Gold Robe