How to buy individual LEGO® pieces and Minifigures?

Is there an easy way to order individual LEGO® pieces and Minifigures?

Classic LEGO Knight

You need to complete your large LEGO project, your kids are expanding the base they have built for their Star Wars fighters or you just want that second knight from the classic tournament set from 1984 that you had since childhood but lost. There are a lot of reasons you need to buy individual LEGO pieces.

Most of you would buy those missing LEGO pieces from pick-a-brick on but that is fairly expensive. Oher options are or Bricklink but here it is difficult to find all the pieces you need from the same seller and most of the time someone sells the LEGO pieces in quantities that are a lot higher than you need.

In this article we propose another option, the website This website sells a lot of LEGO pieces in quantities ranging from just one or two up-to hundreds of similar LEGO parts.

So why order from

www. is a website dedicated to selling individual LEGO parts and pieces. We only sell LEGO parts & pieces and all are authentic LEGO pieces. The LEGO parts on offer are mostly unused, that means we take the parts out of new sets and the only time we touch them is when we repack them in lots of the quantity you need.

For pieces, that are out of production or are harder to find, the site also sells used pieces. We show the difference in the item condition on every product page.

The site also sells individual LEGO Minifigures. The LEGO Minifigures can be new or used. We also clearly mark the difference on every product page. We try to keep a good selection of LEGO bricks and Minifigures in stock at all times.

The website also has competitive shipping rates to almost any place in the world. The pieces ship from Belgium (inside the European union). Prices shown are tax inclusive for customers inside the EU and tax exclusive for other customers. Orders over 40 euro will have a tracking number that is uploaded to the site.

How to order LEGO® spare parts from

Register an account or checkout as a guest?

If you plan to use the website only once you can checkout as a guest. If however you want to save your past order history and let the site remember your data or if you want to make a wish-list. Registering an account is the way to go.

We use your data only to send order information, nothing else. For promotions and shop updates you can subscribe to the websites newsletter instead.

Ordering the LEGO® pieces you need.

Choosing the LEGO® parts by code

The LEGO company identifies LEGO parts by 2 different type of codes. The first are the element numbers. This is the unique LEGO piece number you can find at the end of nearly all LEGO instruction manuals. As shown in the example in the image below.

The other code is the design number. The LEGO company print this number on every LEGO piece. On some pieces you will see it right away with other pieces you might have to look really hard. Don’t despair it is there. The Standard LEGO 2 x 4 brick for example has the design code 3001. On the website you can use both codes in the search bar. We organise the website around the design code, so this is always the best way to look.

LEGO Minifigures do not have an official LEGO code. The website Bricklink has catalogued all the LEGO Minifigures and gave them a number. Since many people catalog their Minifigures around these numbers, we added them also as a search term.

Choosing LEGO® pieces by description

LEGO part sizes
LEGO Brick 2 x 4

Sometimes you just don’t know the code or you do not want to look it up. You can describe the pieces you want in the search bar. LEGO parts are described by the type of piece and the number of studs on them. In the image on the left for example the width of the brick is two studs and 4 studs in length. So this is a brick 2 x 4.

LEGO part colours

Defining LEGO parts colours seems to be an art form. So we use plain English and recommend that you choose the colours by watching the accompanied image

Choosing LEGO® Pieces by browsing the parts category pages

When you navigate to the LEGO Parts category page. You get immediately an overview of the main variations of pieces.

As you can see, there is a wide variety of different LEGO parts categories available, ranging from LEGO animal parts, over LEGO doors and windows to LEGO vehicle parts.

We group most of the LEGO bricks offerings around the design number. So one listing holds all the colours for the design number. That way if you are looking for example for a LEGO Wedge piece. You do not have to scroll through an endless number of pages to find the exact wedge type you want.

Adding the LEGO® pieces to the shopping basket

Adding the LEGO pieces you want to buy is very simple. You navigate to the product page. In our example we navigate to the LEGO bracket 1 x 2 – 2 x 2 inverted page, as shown in the image

You need to specify the colour you want for your LEGO pieces. This is required and the webpage will not allow you to add products to the basket without specifying the colour. Next specify the quantity you need. Some pieces have a minimum required quantities, the website will also not allow you to add quantities inferior to this amount to the shopping basket. As the last step you can press add to cart and the LEGO pieces will be in your shopping cart. Next you go through the checkout steps and that’s it. You need to wait a few days more and you can finish your project.

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