8 LEGO Elsa Minifigures that you must own.

Who is Queen Elsa of Arendelle?

Elsa is a princess and later the queen of the kingdom of Arendelle. She is a fictional character in the Disney® movies Frozen and Frozen II. The character of Elsa is loosely based on the fairy-tale “The Snow Queen” from Andersen.

When they were children Elsa and her sister Anna discover that Elsa has magical powers. The girl can create and manipulate ice and snow into objects and even living snow monsters. The two girls have a lot of fun with this ability until an accident happens that almost kills Anna. The Goblin king rescues the girl and together with the king and queen decides that Elsa’s powers should be hidden from Anna and the world. This secret changes Elsa from a happy playful child in an introvert girl afraid of her own powers.

Which are the different LEGO® Minifigures of Queen Elsa?

LEGO set 41062: Elsa’s Sparkling Ice Castle

The LEGO company issued this set in 2015. The set has Elsa, Anna and Olaf and a LEGO version of the ice castle. The Elsa Minifigure has a blue robe and a sparkling light aqua cape. She also has a lavender flower in her hair.

LEGO® set 41068: Arendelle Castle Celebration

This set was released to accompany the “Frozen Fever” shortfilm that was released in 2016. Queen Elsa throws a birthday party for Anna in front of the Arendelle castle. The set contains a queen Elsa in a lime party dress with a small tiara and a green cape with flower pattern.

Queen Elsa - LEGO Minifigure
Queen Elsa – lime dress
Queen Elsa with staff LEGO Minifigure
Queen Elsa with staff
Queen Elsa - back
Queen Elsa – back
Queen Elsa - side - LEGO Minifigure
Queen Elsa – side

LEGO® set 41148 and 43172: Elsa’s Magical Ice Palace

In 2017 released a new version of the Magical ice palace. The castle now looks more like it did in the movie Frozen. Set 41148 also contains the snow monster Marshmallows.

The Elsa Minifigure in the set is the one that most resembles the Elsa from the first Frozen movie. It has Elsa in her blue gown as she lives in the ice palace on the mountain.

Elsa in blue gown with blue cape
Elsa in blue gown with blue cape
Elsa from set 41148
Elsa – LEGO Minifigure (41148)
Elsa (backside) from set 41148)
Elsa (backside – 41148)

This set has been re-issued in 2019 as LEGO set 43172 “Elsa’s Magical Ice Palace”. The Minifigure is almost identical except for her new longer blue cape with silver snowflakes as a pattern. (dp076)

LEGO® set 10736: Anna and Elsa’s Frozen Playground

Around the same time in 2017 LEGO set 10736 Anna and Elsa’s Frozen Playground was released. The set was an easy to build junior set containing Anna and Elsa.

The Elsa Minifigure is identical to the first Elsa Minifigure apart from the lavender flower in her hair.

Elsa from set 10736
Elsa – LEGO Minifigure (10736)

LEGO® set 41155: Elsa’s Market Adventure

In 2018 we received a completely redesigned Elsa Minifigure with a new head, a new body and a new cape. The cape blue cape has a cool silver snowflake pattern on it. This set concludes the Frozen I Minifigures.

LEGO®Collectible Minifigures: Disney series 2

The next issue of Queen Elsa was part of the series Collectible Minifigures – Disney set 2 from 2019. This is the only Elsa Minifigure that is not a mini-doll until now. After all the mini-doll it gets a bit of getting used to to see Elsa as a classical Minifigures. She seems a bit too sturdy compared to the Mini-dolls.

Elsa collectable Disney series 2 Minifigure
Elsa collectable Disney series 2 Minifigure

LEGO® set 41166: Elsa’s Wagon Adventure

This Elsa Minifigure is identical to the Minifigure in set 41168 Elsa’s Jewelry Box Creation. It has Elsa wearing a bright light blue Russian looking outfit with a snowflake pattern. She has a cape with two tails and glittering stars on 1 side. (dp069).

LEGO® set 41167: Arendelle Castle Village

This set has a royal-looking Elsa in a Lavender dress. The Minifigure also appears in polybag 30553.

Elsa Minifigure - lavender dress
Elsa – Lavender dress

Which is the most expensive LEGO® Minifigure of Elsa ?

At the moment of writing the first Elsa Minifigure with the sparkling cape in light aqua colours was the most expensive. Expect to pay 12.5 USD for a mint condition. With the release of the second movie next November, the price could go up a bit in the coming months.

As always, for our available LEGO Disney Minifigures you can watch our LEGO Disney minifigures category

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