LEGO® NINJAGO® Legacy Sets

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LEGO Ninjago Legacy is a group of LEGO Ninjago sets released in early 2019 with updated versions of older LEGO Ninjago sets from the beginning of the series. There are 9 regular sets . 6 LEGO Ninjago Spinner sets and 2 Polybags. We are most interested in the updated Minifigures. We have most Minifigures in stock. Images are clickable to bring you to the respective Minifigure for sale. If you like an overview of all the LEGO Ninjago Minifigures from all the series and the LEGO Ninjago Movie in stock, you can click here (only in english).

LEGO®NINJAGO® Legacy Minifigures

22 cool new LEGO Ninjago Minifigures were released with the Legacy release of early 2019. 2 Minifigures are relatively hard to find: the Lloyd in the black dot’s tunic and Kai in his diamond tunic. It is also very nice to have the opportunity to purchase the snakes from the Snake armies again especially Pythor. The original version of Lord Garmadon with his four arms will be a cool addition to any LEGO Minifigure collection.

The Ninja’s


Lloyd – The Golden Ninja

The 4 ninja’s & Nya

Cole LEGO Ninjago Minifigure Legacy
Kai LEGO Ninjago Legacy Minifigure
Kai Minifigure for sale
Kai diamond tunic LEGO Ninjago Legacy
Nya in Samurai-X outfit LEGO Ninjago Legacy

Nya – LEGO Ninjago Legacy Minifigure

Zane LEGO Ninjago Minifigure Legacy

Master Wu

Overlord and Lord Garmadon

Overlord LEGO Ninjago LEgacy Minifigure
Lord Garmadon LEGO Ninjago Minifigure

The Snake armies

Pythor LEGO Ninjago Legacy
Lasha LEGO Ninjago Legacy Minifigure
Spitta LEGO Ninjago Legacy Minifigure

The Skeletons

Skeleton Warrior with Mohawk LEGO Ninjago Legacy
Skeleton Warrior with Samurai helmet LEGO Ninjago
Whiplash LEGO Ninjago Minifigure

The Stone army

Stone Army Warrior chin guard LEGO Minifigure
Stone army scout short legs LEGO Minifigure
Stone army scout shoulder armor LEGO Minifigure

LEGO® NINJAGO® Legacy golden weapons

The LEGO Ninjago legacy Minifigures use the four golden weapons again which were of major importance in the early series. The weapons were forged by the first Spinjitzu master to protect Ninjago. They are the Sword of Fire, The Nunchucks of Lightning, the Shurikens of ice and the Scythe of Quakes. They were used by the four Ninja before Lord Garmadon stole them and made a Mega weapon of them. The Mega weapon was later destroyed, and the remains of the golden weapons ended up on Delta V. They were reformed into the golden armour and this was hidden by Cyrus Borg. In the Legacy sets the Ninja’s have cool updated golden weapons.

LEGO® NINJAGO® legacy sets

This is an overview of the released LEGACY sets.

  • 70665 Samurai Mech
  • 70666 The Golden Dragon
  • 70667 Kai’s Blade Cycle & Zane’s Snowmobile
  • 70668 Jay’s Storm Fighter
  • 70669 Cole’s Earth Driller
  • 70670 Monastery of Spinjitzu
  • 70679 The Ultra Dragon
  • 70680 Monastry training

LEGO® NINJAGO® Legacy Spinners

  • 70659 Spinjitzu Kai
  • 70660 Spinjitzu Jay
  • 70661 Spinjitzu Zane
  • 70662 Spinjitzu Cole
  • 70663 Spinjitzu Nya & Wu
  • 70664 Spinjitzu Lloyd vs. Garmadon

LEGO® NINJAGO® Legacy Polybags

  • 30533 Samurai X Legacy polybag
  • 30534 Ninja workout polybag

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